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  1. Fionnuala

    I have just recently passed my driving test after being tutored by the very patient Darren. I am so grateful for his persistence and calm and friendly nature. He helped change my attitude towards driving ( which I really hadn’t enjoyed in the past). Lessons were relaxed and productive. I would definitely recommend Darren as a teacher who makes learning to drive a pleasurable experience.

  2. Nathan Southcott

    Just to say a big thank you to both Zoe and Guy in helping me to pass my practical test at the first attempt. Zoe was really patient and a lot of fun and gave me a lot of confidence as a new driver, so I was a bit disheartened when at the end of 2014 she found she no longer had time to instruct and do her day job. However, Zoe recommended I switch to Guy and he picked up where Zoe left off. It took me quite a while to adjust to the difference in cars (from a 1.6l diesel to a 1.2l petrol engine) and I suspect I tested Guy’s patience to breaking point due to my persistent stalling, but that patience paid off and I hope it has made me a better driver as a result. Guy was really easy to get on with and did a great job of guiding me without either being too stern or too gushing with praise. Guy always appeared to be very calm, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn.

  3. Carmel

    I would like to thank Guy for helping me pass my driving test, very happy! He was relaxed, reliable and always managed to fit in my lessons around his schedule, whether that be at the weekends or late weekday evenings. I would recommend Guy to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive

  4. Olivia Anderson

    I am over the moon. I passed my driving test last week with Guy. I was recommended to him from a friend that had also passed with Guy. He was so patience, he explained where I was going wrong and gave me so much confidence. Without his patience I am sure I would not have passed. A truly excellent driving instructor, whom I would recommend to anyone. I had lessons in he past with other driving schools, but never reached test level. Guy is calm laid back and very helpful, and clearly very experienced, ideal for me as I was a nervous learner.

  5. Alex Horton

    I genuinely believe Darren’s patience, coolness and kindness allowed me to learn how to drive with confidence without once making me feel like I couldn’t do it (even on my bad days). Everything is clear and explained from the get go. He’s so easy and comfortable to chat with about random things through lessons which I think is such an important part as you spend so many hours collectively with your driving instructor! I’ve already recommended Darren to all my learner friends and I couldn’t express how thankful I am to have had Darren teach me how to drive!

    Alex passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  6. William Ballard

    I would like to say thank you to Guy for helping me pass my test in a matter of weeks. Really good teacher and would recommend him to anyone who wants a quality instructor who makes you confident on the road in no time.

  7. keisesanta@inbox.lv

    I had an amazing time learning to drive with Darren. I admire his patience and skills. He helped me to gain confidence and skills needed not just for passing practical test but also for my future driving. Anyone who is willing to learn to drive, I definitely recommend Darren.

    Santa passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  8. Kevin Wright

    A HUGE thank you to Darren Hearn whose teaching skills, encouragement and calming nature helped me pass my driving test. He gave me confidence behind the wheel (something I never thought possible) and I would highly recommend him to ANYONE who wishes to start driving.

    Kevin passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  9. jennifer

    Darren was amazing! He was always so calm , supportive and encouraging. I couldn’t have passed my test without him. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone and everyone.
    Thanks Darren!

    Jennifer passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  10. Stevie-Marie

    I would like to say a massive thank you to Guy. After me failing my first test back at home and having no confidence whats so ever to pass he helped me to regain my confidence and ensure i was ready for the test (In a new area) and tells you when you need to work on something which i found very useful as then i could understand my errors and now after retaking my test today i have PASSED and i can’t thank Guy enough for that. Brilliant driving instructor.

  11. Woody k

    Darren was my third instructor and his easy going personality & knowledge built up my confidence in driving. He’s not only an instructor, he has people skills and together we made my exam successful!
    If you want to pass contact Darren he’ll help you

  12. Lucy Davies

    I would like to say a huge thank you to Darren Hearn, who helped me to pass my driving test at the first time of asking. I found Darren to be very encouraging, and he certainly helped me to feel not only comfortable, but confident behind the wheel. I would definitely recommend him.

    Lucy passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  13. Maya rosser

    I have recently passed my driving test!! Thrilled to bits as it has taken me a lot longer than I wanted, that’s mainly going through bad teachers I have had in the past. Luckily I met GUY!! He is the most relaxed and calmest instructor I have had and he really helped me build my confidence and to show he trusted in me and I saw that and believed that in myself. I am so pleased I had him as I passed and I couldn’t have done it without all the support and effort he put into teaching me. I would highly recommend Guy. :))

  14. Willy Nicks

    I had Tom as an instructor and ending up flying through the lessons, and passed with just the one minor!

    Tom’s approach was much more suited to me in that he was more of a mate than a teacher. He was calm throughout, and got his message across in the simplest of manners making everything seem easy.

    Highly recommend him, and miss our Burgess Hill coffee breaks. 5* Star Geezer!

  15. Ed Cuzner

    I have just passed the practical test with Guy on my fourth attempt (my first with Guy however!) and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been instructed by three other teachers from this company on-and-off over the last 18 months all of whom had to give up teaching for various reasons and so after my third test Guy took me on. It’s fair to say that even with a lot of lessons in the bag I was a nervous pupil but Guy was extremely calm and unflappable and after 10 hours of lessons with him I passed my test. I found Guy to be a great instructor and he was very accommodating in trying to fit my lessons into his schedule. I’m looking forward to doing my Pass Plus with him shortly. Would definitely recommend him!

  16. emily

    Passed yesterday first time after having 27 hours of lessons with Guy. He was a great instructor and I built my confidence on the road quickly. I would thoroughly recommend him as a teacher!!

  17. Zackery Hornby

    Learning to drive with Darren was a breeze. A very competent teacher who is quick to notice your faults and dealing with them. Friendly and flexible, I can’t recommend him enough.

    Zack passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  18. Alice Bouchier

    Darren was a wonderful driving instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn! He’s a lovely and relaxed guy which made it really easy for me to feel comfortable whilst learning to drive (which can be quite nerve-wracking). Thanks to him I passed my practical test first time – thanks for everything Darren!

    Alice passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  19. Leanne Peach

    Darren was my instructor throughout learning to drive whilst studying at uni/throughout summer. Honestly, I cannot compliment him enough in not only being a great teacher, but also having the patience, commitment, and pleasing determination in order to make me the best driver I could be. With being flexible with his time, it allowed me to juggle my other priorities as well as my driving, and with feeling very comfortable, safe and easy-going in the car, each lesson was a joy!

    Leanne passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  20. Jade Guirey

    I recently just passed my driving test with my awesome instructor Darren Hearn. . Passing 2nd time with just 1 minor!!… All down to Darren’s great advice, support & help.
    Our lessons were always great , calm, relaxing, and I never felt worried. Darren made it so easy to be in a car with him. I felt at complete ease. Having 2 previous driving instructors before stopping and starting lessons on and off. Darren gave me the confidence to keep up my lessons, which made me pass my theory and pass my driving test.
    I would highly recommend Darren to anybody who is thinking about learning to drive or even switching instructors.
    He Truley is fantastic.
    Thank you so much Darren for helping me believe I could drive and I finally did it. All with your help! , wishing you all the best for ya future students as I know they will all do extremely well with your support. Thanks once again.
    Jade x

    Jade passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  21. Maria

    I moved from Sweden to Brighton two years ago, and at home I had started to work on my driving licence which was on the right side of the road. I was therefore a bit worried about driving on the other side, but I was really lucky to have Zoe as my driving instructor. She structured my lessons perfectly and she didn’t push me too much. However at the same time she did challenge me and this in the end helped me to develop my driving and also pass my test first time around.
    My lessons were a lot of fun, and there is a friendly environment when driving with Zoe and you feel it’s OK to ask all the “silly” questions you might have about your driving. I find it helpful that the last few minutes of the lessons were left to summarise the bits we had worked on during the lessons and what we will continue to work on.
    Most importantly, apart from fun lessons, when it came to the practical test I was pushing it forward a bit because I didn’tfeel ready and then I felt nervous about it since it would be on the other side of the road. However, Zoe was calm and helpful and said that the worst thing that could happens is that I need to re-do the practical which is not the end of the world and just doing the test is sometimes the experience you need to develop further and then pass it the second time around.
    In short, I would highly recommend the school and Zoe. The lessons were great fun but also challenging which is just what you need when you learn how to drive, especially if you, like me, grew up with driving on the other side of the road.

  22. Courtney

    Zoe is a fantastic instructor. Calm and patient, she has given me the confidence and knowledge to feel comfortable behind the wheel. She has helped me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Zoe to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

  23. Ewan Robinson

    Driving lessons with Darren were great. He was professional and tailored the lessons to what I needed to learn. He was also friendly and easy-going and helped boost my confidence. Thanks to him, I passed the practical on my first try!

    Ewan passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  24. Levi Dolan

    I can not thank Darren enough for what he has helped me achieve.

    I recommend Darren to anybody starting their driving lessons.

    Whether you are a first time driver or not… Darren will build up up your confidence to enable you to pass your test.

    Thanks again Darren, highly recommended. Appreciate all the help and hard work you put in to helping me to pass my test first time!

    Levi passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  25. Darren Schermuly

    I passed a few months back with Darren Hearn. I had a few instructors over the years (kept stopping and starting) but Darren was by far the best. Very easy guy to be with and felt very relaxed. Pointed out all the things I needed improving and mentioned when I made mistakes. Would recommend him to anyone who is serious about passing there test as he is a great instructor.

  26. Luis Souza

    A very big thank you to Darren Hearn for getting me through my practical test. I will definitely recommend you in the future. All the best!

    Luis passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  27. Daniel Dickens

    Another first time pass for Darren!
    From my first lesson Darren made me feel calm and relaxed and took me through every stage of driving. He has a great car which is responsive and easy to drive smoothly. He let me make my own mistakes so I could learn from them, stayed calm at all times and then told me how to correct them. Darren is a really friendly chap who is really easy to talk to, which helps relax you if you are nervous. Darren is a five star driving instructor who I would thoroughly recommend to anyone. Thanks for everything Darren!

  28. Nathan

    I first attempted to learn to drive a few years ago, but the lessons proved not to take me very far.
    After doing 20 hours with Rich I passed my driving test 1st time with no problem! Rich is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Richard!!

  29. Claire Goldfinger

    A massive thanks to Richie for being such a great and easy going instructor.
    He has been very flexible with my lessons and very patient with me as I have had to work my lessons around childcare and work…and as someone with a foreign license I have had a fair few bad habits to break.
    I also had fun during my lessons which mostly felt like driving around with a mate.

    Thanks a million!!! I have already recommended you to a friend.

  30. Vicky

    Darren is a great driving instructor! Enjoyed every lesson and will miss it! Thanks so much!!!!

  31. Don

    Zoe has been an absolutely amazing driving instructor, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Not only to enable me to pass, but also to be great personally and without her I truly would not have got a licence today.

    She was an extremely good teacher who was understanding, professional and highly skilled. She was also very engaging, patient and had loads to say when necessary making her very easy to talk to. She would let me drive with confidence and only assist where she saw a problem that needed correcting immediately.

    She kept me going when I thought I couldn’t do it, I now know that I CAN do it. She was really lovely and I will miss my lessons weekly with her.

  32. Mariusz Majcher

    I recently passed the test, it was really easy thanks to Darren and his skills in teaching. He is very patient and calm, knows exactly how to fill the brain with informations needed for driving, easygoing which helps a lot to relax on the road. I was about to give up and then Darren started to teach me how to be the king of the road. BRILLIANT WORK DARREN, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!!

  33. Lera

    Darren was a great driving instructor, very friendly, patient and calm. I thought i will never pass my driving test but thanks to him I’ve finally passed it. I’ve only had 6 lessons with him. I would highly recommend him for any learners who are looking for driving instructors!

  34. Richie

    I had my driving lessons with Darren and I can say that he is the best driving instructor I ever have had. He always was so calm and made driving lessons interesting. I felt very confident driving with him. It took me only 12h of driving with Darren to pass my driving test. Unfortunately I didn’t pass my test with first time but it was just because I was very nervous and forgot to indicate, but even though I failed the first time, was very upset but Darren motivated me to go forward and keep going with smile on my face. He always explained everything perfectly with all the smallest details. Darren made me feel very confident to drive. I have recommended Darren to many of my friends and all off them where as happy as I was to take lessons with him.

  35. Sophie Ryan

    Darren is an excellent driving instructor and will be missed now that I have passed! He encouraged me and always remained calm which helped bring out the best in my driving. He’s very friendly and professional and has an excellent sense of humour! I could not have wished for a better instructor to help me through the ups and downs of learning to drive. I would recommend Darren to anybody learning to drive as he really is great at what he does!

  36. Luis

    After dropping lessons for a few years after two failed attempts, Darren made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel. He explained things very well, and was great fun to be with. All the lessons were insightful and very enjoyable. I highly recommend Darren. Thanks for helping me pass!!

  37. James

    I recently passed my test after having lessons with Zoe who was a brilliant instructor. She was always calm, patient and friendly in her teaching. One of the hardest things for me has been learning to keep calm and collected as I’ve always found driving made me nervous (I gave up after failing my first test when I was 19). Zoe has helped build my confidence and develop techniques for keeping calm. I never thought I’d be able to pass a driving test so do achieve this within a year has been amazing! My lessons have helped me get to test standard and to turn driving into something I really enjoy rather than dread doing.

  38. Kelly

    I had the pleasure of learning to drive with Zoe. Zoe was easy to get along with and when having lessons with her I felt I was with a friend. She made me feel calm and confident and pushed me when it was needed, and was very patient with me. Without learning with Zoe I don’t think I could have enjoyed learning to drive as much as I did, I looked forward to having lessons every week which I know many people dread. I would definitely recommend Zoe to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive. Will definitely miss the laughs we had.

  39. James Mullan

    I recently passed my test after having lessons with Zoe who was a brilliant instructor. She was always calm, patient and friendly in her teaching. One of the hardest things for me has been learning to keep calm and collected as I’ve always found driving made me nervous (I gave up after failing my first test when I was 19). Zoe has helped build my confidence and develop techniques for keeping calm. I never thought I’d be able to pass a driving test so do achieve this within a year has been amazing! My lessons have helped me get to test standard and to turn driving into something I really enjoy rather than dread doing.

  40. chengjing deng

    Darren is a great driving instructor, he is calm, patient and down to earth. I enjoyed the experience of taking the driving lessons as opposed to dreading them. Driving in a car was like talking to a friend. I am very pleased that I had Darren as my instructor. He made me change the attitude towards driving and now I am more confident than before. Anyway, I would definitely recommend Darren to my friends and others who wish to learn to drive.

  41. emma

    Thanks Richard for your great teaching, encouragement, sense of humour and patience when I had my momentary lapses of self belief. Having taken 20 years of procrastinating and several near attempts at taking my test with other instructors I finally managed this in February and am so glad I did. I feel much more confident as a driver now and like a ‘proper grown up’ at the grand old age of (nearly) 37! Thanks again. Will be back in touch soon for some motorway lessons…

  42. Jess Middleton

    I learnt to drive within 7 weeks with the help of Darren who’s a great guy and very easy to get along with! They were hilarious lessons and I looked forward to them very much as the way he taught was very effective yet enjoyable. I took my first test in london in a different car with a different instructor and failed, I put my failing down to the lack of motivation given to me by the other instructor. Came back to Brighton to learn with Darren and it was completely different as he boosted my confidence and I passed a week later with only 2 minors! He was excellento! So, I would strongly advise anybody looking to pass quickly and efficiently to learn with Darren!

  43. Ivana Roy

    Darren was great driving instructor, very friendly, patient and understanding. Thanks to him I know now that I can overcome my fear of driving. Thanks again.

  44. Calum Brashill

    Darren was a fantasic instructor. I passed my test first time and couldnt have done it without Darren. He’s been a brilliant instructor, took my lessons at a good pace, pushing me when needed and making sure I wasn’t lazy in the sligtest but also was very paitient and reassuring when needed. Also couldn’t of met a nicer guy. A top bloke,Good fun yet very professional. I would definitely recommend Darren to anyone learning to drive.

  45. Jon Greig

    Had the pleasure of having both Tom and Kat teach me. Both amazing teachers and so I passed first time. Constructive and really good at encouraging and building on weaknesses.

  46. Robin Hardy

    Tom was great to learn with- really good guy with a great approach to teaching. Highly recommended!

  47. Lewie

    I had a great time learning to drive with Zoe. She was a great
    instructor who pushed me forward and was able to teach me in a way
    that I could respond to.
    I really enjoyed my driving lessons and ended up passing first time. I
    would recommend Zoe to anyone

  48. Sewek

    I passed first time withe Kat. Shes a brilliant instructor, very clear and patient. She was very accommodating in moving and organising lessons. Couldn’t have asked for a better and quicker instructor, Cheers!

  49. Thomas Rutherfoord

    Had my lessons with Darren. A really nice bloke and a good teacher.

    Highly recommended.


  50. Mavis

    I had my lessons with Zoe, who was an incredibly patient and encouraging instructor. She was always able to push me on more difficult routes to build my confidence and offer positive criticism to make me a better driver. From lesson one, she made me feel relaxed and not scared of being behind the wheel of the car and I passed first time! I have already recommended Zoe to many of my friends and those who have started lessons agree that she is great!

    It was an absolute joy to be taught by Zoe, we had a laugh- I will miss her!

  51. Rupert Harrison

    Had a really good time learning with Darren. It was so easy to get along with him and the lessons were relaxed and fun yet still effective, he explained manourveres and all the other things well and passed first time with only a month or so of having him as an instructor.
    I highly recommend Darren, great fun and a nice car!

  52. Katharine Mason

    I learnt with Darren. A lovely, friendly person. Explained things well, passed first time. Made me feel comfortable from day one. I would definitely recommend Darren as an instructor.

    Katherine passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  53. Luke

    Darren was a fantastic teacher. He was really friendly and easy going and I instantly found myself looking forward to our lessons every week. He was extremely patient with me but also knew just when to give me a little push, and it was no time before we were booking the test. It was entirely down to Darren that I passed first time and I would highly recommend him to any new learner. Wonderful guy!

    Luke passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  54. Rose

    Kat taught me to drive. Really good at explaining things. VERY patient and generally a nice person to sit and chat to during lessons. Made me feel really comfortable and I passed first time. Couldn’t have been any better, highly recommend Kat as a teacher

  55. Jeff Andrews

    Had a great time learning with Darren, he made me feel confident behind the wheel from the first lesson and it only took a few weeks to get to test standard. Would definitely recommend Darren as an instructor. Great car too!

    Jeff passes driving test with Brighton Driving Lessons

  56. Luke

    I recently passed my test first time, all thanks to Kat. I can’t believe how quickly it all went. Lessons were really enjoyable in a nice new car which is a pleasure to drive. Kat explained all the techniques in an understandable way and tailored the lesson each time according to my progress. She’s calm, reassuring, as well as great to have a chat with. Couldn’t recommend Kat highly enough!

  57. Gareth

    Learning to drive with Zoe was done in a calm and structured manner. Her professional but friendly nature made me feel at ease during lessons. I found her emails to confirm lessons and to give advice for tests to be very useful. I would recommend Zoe to any friends or family in need of a driving instructor, without hesitation.

  58. Mario Berno

    I had my Lessons with Kat and she is fantastic! Friendly, patience full and experienced! Big thank to Kat!
    Mario Berno.

  59. Ricky Walklett

    Just to add to my comment..

    Kat was also very friendly and made it feel like we had been friends for a long time.

    From what i could gather she was going out of her way to fit me in on Saturdays as she only really had me on the weekends and even working late on a friday to accomadate my horrific working hours..


    Thanks kat

  60. Sadeq

    I had lessons with Kat and she was fantastic, and helped a lot showing me what I was doing wrong.

    I’d last driven 10 years ago in another country, so I had no idea about the signs and laws in the uk.

    I passed first time, thanks to Kate. I would recommend her to anyone, especially if you’re nervous

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