The answer is simple: regular servicing and maintenance of your car ensures that it will continue to operate efficiently, which should in turn make the vehicle last longer – this is of course the quick and brief answer.

To understand why you need to service your car regularly with companies like Service4Service, you first of all need to learn the importance of oil – the lifeblood of your motor. During a car service the old oil and oil filters are replaced with new ones so by understanding the reason for this you will also learn why it should be done regularly.

The Role of Oil in Your Engine

Oil is a fascinating substance and your car’s engine contains a lot of it. From the oil cap where you pour clean oil in, it travels down to the lowest part of your engine – known as the sump (oil pan if you’re American).

When the engine is operating, it is passed through an oil filter and up into the moving components of your engine. From there it is channeled back out and into the sump where it repeats the journey until the engine rests.

The oil that goes into your engine needs to be clean because it plays several important roles that ensure the longevity of your engine’s parts:

1 It lubricates moving parts such as the crankshaft and pistons. The friction between these parts generate a lot of heat as they move. If they weren’t lubricated with oil some parts could weld themselves together from the heat, causing the engine to seize – worst case scenario.
2 Oil helps to cool the engine by lubricating its moving parts in addition to moving any dirt or other impurities from these areas and passing it back into the sump where they settle as the engine rests. An oil change also helps reduce engine heat by removing the impurities sitting in the sump, which can add extra insulation to the engine if it is not removed.
3 Oil prevents corrosion which further helps to keep the engine cool as rust particles won’t be created – another potential source of friction and insulation if oil was not used.

Here’s a video by Mobil 1 that illustrates the journey of car oil through your vehicle’s engine:

Replacing Your Oil and Oil Filter

Your car’s oil should be changed roughly every 4,000 according to most experts, however, for newer vehicles that use newer synthetic oils some experts believe that between 5-7,000 miles as a good time to replace your oil.

To remove the old oil, a servicing technician will unscrew the sump plug and let the old oil pour out into a bucket. This oil will be black and dirty which is a good thing because it shows that the oil has worked to remove impurities from within the engine.

An engine-friendly chemical can be used in some service centres to remove all of the debris that could be left behind in the sump to help keep the engine cool.

Next, the oil filter is removed and replaced with a new one. The oil filter needs to be changed as regularly as the oil because it catches a large amount of dirt from the oil before it reaches the engine’s moving parts. If not the dirty oil will be able to flow back into the engine, causing potential problems for your engine.

Once the filter is replaced and the sump plug is re-attached, the engine is filled with new, clean engine oil to the appropriate level.

DIY or Service Centre?

Some people choose to carry out a vehicle service themselves which is fine, however, professional servicing technicians will be able to use their expertise and identify if there are any underlying problems within the engine that you might not be familiar with.

Also, professional servicing companies will carry out further checks on your vehicle to ensure that the rest of your car is operating at its optimum performance, including wheels, clutch, brakes, and more. Any problems will be identified in a list of advisories which the garage can repair at an additional cost. Of course a clear list what you aim for, which could be more likely if you regularly service and maintain your car.

Now that you’ve learned about the relevance of oil and the benefits of having it changed regularly, you should be able to maintain your car without wondering why it is important and hopefully prevent it from suffering any damage from standard use.

Written by Randal Whitmore on behalf of Service4Service who offer an approved BMW service in Brighton, Brighton and Hove as well as nationwide in the UK.