If you’re getting ready to go away on a long road trip, there’s no doubt plenty that you’ve already thought about. You’ll need to have considered the route you’re going to take, what time you’re going to set off, what you’re going to take with you and so on. However, you should remember that lengthy journeys can subject your car to all manner of stresses and strains, so it’s worth making the effort to give it the once-over before you go to make sure that everything’s in full working order. After all, the last thing you want is to find yourself stuck miles from home with a broken-down car on your hands.

It’s worth remembering that if you know your car needs any major repairs, you should get this done before you set off on your trip. You might tell yourself that your vehicle will be alright to get you there and back, but you never know what sort of effect a lengthy journey might have. It may turn out to exacerbate any existing problems even more – which could land you with a larger repair bill than you might otherwise have had to pay. Likewise, if your car is due a service, why not bring it forward a few weeks and get it done before you set off on your long journey? This could help ensure that any potential problems are spotted and nipped in the bud before they have chance to deteriorate further.

You should make sure that you check your car’s tyres prior to setting off. Check that they’re properly inflated, as low pressure can lead to a build-up of heat, which could potentially lead to a blowout when you’re travelling at high speed along the motorway. Take a quick look at your car’s manual to see what the proper procedure for checking tyre pressure is. You should also check the tread depth to see whether it’s still sufficient. Thin tread depth is likely to reduce the amount of grip your tyres have on the road, and this could potentially lead to an accident further along the line. If you need to get your tyres replaced, don’t put it off – get it done.

It’s also worth giving your car a good clean before you set off. Remember that the more detritus you carry with you, the more fuel you’re going to use, so if there’s anything you don’t need and can afford to get rid of, you might as well do it. It’s worth giving your car a thorough cleaning and vacuuming as well, just because it’ll make the journey a little more pleasant. Also, don’t set off until you’ve made sure that you’ve loaded the car evenly and carefully. Make sure that any heavy objects you’re carrying are distributed in a reasonably even-handed manner. It’s important to remember that the more you’re carrying, the more fuel you’re likely to end up burning. If there’s anything you can afford to leave behind, then perhaps it’s worth doing so just to save on petrol.

This blog post was contributed by Lesley Sampson a freelance blogger who has written extensively about motoring, and is keen to ensure that you stock up on whatever you need for your car whether cheap car parts or brake fluid.