driving-testYour driving test is going to be one of the most nerve wracking experiences of your life. You feel under immense pressure to please the examiner (and possibly your instructor), and this will ultimately make everything get to you, unless you know how to handle the stress.

Don’t Rush – Don’t book your test before you are ready to do so. If you still feel like you would compromise your own and others safety  if you were to gain your licence, then take a few more lessons. You want to be as confident in your ability as possible. Above all else you want to be safe. Spending a bit more money at this stage may save you in the long run.

Book Early – Book the earliest driving test you can for the day chosen. You have less time to worry and work yourself into a panic if you take it in the morning. At least you’ll have the rest of the day to celebrate/ perk yourself up when you pass/ fail.

Friends – Don’t tell them you are taking your test. It adds more stress to your shoulders, because you want to exceed their expectations. Let your parents or close family members know, of course. You need some support.

Rescue Remedy – There is natural calming product called Rescue Remedy that helps to relax you before your test. It is NOT a drug. There is a spray/drops for your tongue or chewing gum that helps you to relax. This is a personal preference and not a recommendation for everyone! Eating a banana before a test is also said to be a good idea as it can help nerves and the mind!

Perfection – Don’t obsess over being perfect. You do not have to be perfect to pass your test. If you make a mistake, keep calm. They will evaluate you on how you handle it. If you had to be perfect they wouldn’t alow you to have any faults on the day!

No dwelling – If you make a mistake, don’t dwell on it as you drive. This will cause you to make more mistakes. If you make a wrong turn, just continue to drive safely and the examiner will get you back on track.

Ignore the examiner – The examiner is a person too. They have emotions and different personalities. Pretend like he/ she is just any other passenger.

All you can do is your best on the day and see what happens. Remember, you have as many chances at a test as you need (although it can get expensive!!) – and you will get a licence when the day is yours to get it.