In my opinion the timing of becoming a driving instructor is important to your success.

When choosing a driving school be mindful of your start date. Avoiding paying franchise fee’s at a slow time of the year could save you some money.

I’ve heard from many experienced driving instructors starting out isn’t easy. No matter how competent you are at teaching, you could struggled to fill your diary.

It’s worth thinking about your start date. A well planned start date will give you a better chance of getting enough work to firstly; covering your costs and secondly; earning a profit.

After researching driving schools extensively I still managed to chose a driving school that over promised and under delivered. They couldn’t supply me with enough pupils. Frustratingly I didn’t make a profit in my first 4 months. I had to do something! I used my web design skills to market myself. Little did I know this was the start of a successful business. My driving school has been in business for 5 years now and continues to help people to pass their driving test.

Costs you should consider; training, franchise fee, insurance, car lease, fuel, marketing material… All of which should be calculated before starting. From there you can work out your hours and how much you can earn.

The key to making a healthy profit is very simple. You need pupils! If your supply of pupils is insufficient you’ll have a rough time.

Time the completion of your training around January as the number of pupils looking to start to drive rises and doesn’t drop of until June. It then picks up in August until December. The build up to Christmas is notoriously quiet and enquiries usually slow down mid November.