This week City AM released this chilling study, exposing the dangers of cycling in London.

How London’s streets became a death trap for cyclists: Every bicycle accident mapped

I’d love to see a similar study created individually¬†for Brighton, Hove, Shoreham, Worthing and Eastbourne. All of which have a fairly good network of bike paths or cycle lanes. Which ever you prefer to call them.

Over the last few years Brighton and Hove’s Green Party have invested heavily towards the infrastructure of cycle routes, with the goal of safer and more accessible travel for cyclists.

More recently British Cycling and a range of sustainable transport organisations wrote a joint statement asking for changes to the direction and spending commitments on infrastructure for cycling and walking.

In order to change this, a great deal of public support is needed. British Cycling is asking its supporters to write to their MP requesting that they put their name to the amendment of the Bill.

I’m sure there’s and large number of people in Brighton and Hove, and the South who’d like to see continuation of improvements and money being spent wisely to better our transportation network.

Take a look at the British Cycling article and website for more information on how to get involved:
Cycling community in support of vital amendment to Infrastructure Bill