photoOn Wednesday 4th March 2014, the environment, transport and sustainability committee gave approval to introduce 20mph speed limits to nine further areas of the city included in phase 2 of the scheme, as shown on the map below. Work is expected to begin on road markings and signage towards the end of March, with the limits being introduced in the summer.

The original city centre 20mph zone will now cover dozens of other roads including the whole of Bevendean, Moulsecoomb and Hollingdean. All of Coldean will be covered except Coldean Lane where the 40mph speed limit is to drop to 30mph.

So why are they introducing the limit?

To improve the street environment for all road users, by reducing the number and severity of collisions and casualties on the city’s roads, and making the city a safer and better place to live in.

In turn, by making the streets safer and more pleasant to use, this will encourage more cycling and walking particularly for local trips. So other benefits will be to improve overall health and wellbeing of the public, reduce congestion and could improve air quality.

When will the work commence?

According the the council website, towards the end of March 2014 with a view that the new limits will be enforced by the summer.

So does 20mph work?

A wide range national and international research shows that 20mph speed limits lead to a reduction in road collisions and the severity of casualties, improves in the quality of life of local neighbourhoods and encourages more walking and cycling for local trips.

  • A Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents study showed that at 20mph there was a 2.5% chance of pedestrians being fatally injured, compared to a 20% chance at 30mph.

  • A Department for transport paper showed that setting lower speedlimits reports that on urban roads with low average traffic speeds, any 1mph reduction in average speed can reduce the frequency of collision frequency by around 6%.

There is a possible further phase 3 to be implemented as well……….

To find out exactly which streets are being reduced check out the Brighton and Hove Council page for more information

20mph is now (or will be shortly) the legal speed limit on most roads in central Brighton & Hove – please look out for the signs.