Practical Driving Test Brighton

Once you have completed the eye test and vehicle safety questions, the examiner will walk around your car, taking details of the make and model and checking that the vehicle is roadworthy. Before the test, make sure that your car has no broken lights, the windscreen is clean, the windscreen wipers are in place, the tyres comply with the legal requirements and these other helpful hints.

Hazard Perception Test Brighton

In 2002, the Driving Standards Agency introduced a new element to the theory test to assess candidates’ reactions to developing hazards. After you have completed the multiple choice theory part of the test, you’ll be allowed a break of up to three minutes before the hazard perception section begins.

Eyesight Check Brighton

Before your start your practical driving test, your examiner will ask you to read the number plate on a stationary vehicle. This number plate will be at a distance of 20 meters if it is a new style plate (those beginning with two letters i.e. AA51 FGH), or at 20.5 metres if it is an old style of plate.

Driving Theory Test Brighton

The driving theory test is taken using a computer located at your local Driving Standards Agency Theory Test Centre. On arrival, you should register at the reception desk, at which point you’ll be allocated a booth containing a computer loaded with your personal Theory Test.

Booking a Theory Test Brighton

Before you can take your theory test you must have a valid provisional driving licence, which you can apply for using an application form (form D1) from your local Post Office. Once you have a valid provisional driving licence, you can book your theory test online, over the phone or by post.