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  1. Aidan Bishop

    Darren is a great teacher; relaxed, knowledgable and such a great guy I was almost disappointed when I passed my test, I would and have reccomended him to anyone about to start driving.

  2. Robin Deen

    I was lucky enough to have Darren as my instructor even though it was for a short time. what a legend so easy to talk to and so chilled even if you make a mistake. I would 100% recommend him to anyone for lessons.

  3. Patrick McColgan

    Zoe has been a great teacher. After having a negative experience with my last instructor, Zoe really helped to improve my driving and I passed the first time round with her. She’s a great teacher- informative and refreshingly professional which I found wasn’t the case with other instructors and made me feel increasingly confident with my driving. She’s also very easy to get along with. I would really recommend her.

  4. Solomon Knipe

    Darren has been a brilliant instructor for me. I felt the lessons progressed really well and he made me feel very confident with my driving. The lessons were definitely worth it and helped me pass first time after only a few months. Would definitely recommend Darren to anyone.

  5. Laura Atkins

    Darren has been a brilliant teacher. He made me Feel So Comfortable And made me believe I could do it. 8 months later I passed first time and with only 6 minors!!!! Thank you so much for all the support and the great friendship 🙂 x

  6. Jamie

    I would 100% recommend darren. hes a top man friendly, funny and patient very easy guy to get on with and very effective teacher never had any issues. cant recommend enough!!

  7. Max Benkel

    I would just like to say massive big thank you to Darren Hearn. I couldn’t possibly have picked a better instructor who would has taught me how to drive in only 4 months and achieving a pass first time. He is very relaxed and confident in what I did in my lessons. I would recommend Darren to any one who is very eager to drive and for anyone who is not confident. If I did anything wrong he was very calm and collected and would redirect with ease. Just an amazing experience learning how to drive and I can’t believe how quick it’s taken. Just like to thank Darren once again for everything he has done to turn me around as a driver.

    – Max Benkel

  8. Daniel

    I was fortunate enough to have Darren as my driving instructor. What an amazing guy and fantastic instructor, every lesson was well paced, informative and a lot of fun. If you are looking around for driving lessons in Brighton, do not hesitate to given Darren a call. He’s even got a brand new shiny yellow car, which is just a dream to drive and the yellowness of it gives joy to school kids who are adamant players of the yellow car game. For me, passing my test was a bittersweet moment, one I got to pass my driving test and had full legal run of the road, but my 2 hours driving a week and chatting with Darren had to come to an end. I cannot praise or thank him enough for where has gotten me to, cheers buddy.

  9. Nick B

    Having not driven for over a decade and never passed a test I was apprehensive about starting driving lessons again. Zoe immediately put me at ease and made me begin to actually enjoy driving, something I never thought I’d do. As an instructor she was excellent at noticing not just what I was doing wrong but why I was doing it wrong and how I could correct it. She prepared me perfectly for my test (which I passed!) and was a constant reassuring and calming presence during all of my lessons. I honestly couldn’t fault her and would encourage anyone looking to learn to give Zoe a call…will be the best decision you make!

  10. Anya

    I had some refresher lessons with Zoe as I haven’t driven for 15 years. Within an hour she had my confidence boosted and I was driving happily under my own esteem. I would highly recommend Zoe as she is very calm to be with and has some great tips

  11. Jo

    I learnt to drive with Zoe and she was great fun to learn with. She was patient, and always reassured me when I doubted my own abilities! Passed with 2 minors!

  12. Jaden Byron Carter

    Well what can i say. First of all i was a driver with a bit of expereince with another company. I moved from them to come to learn with darren. He was absolutely fantastic taking me on showing me the bits that i needed for test and constantly boosting my confidence. Darren was a fantastic instructor and a great freind. He made you feel comfortable right from the beginning. Learning with him was effortless it really made it easy and comfortable. I thank him so much for helping me theough it all and reassuring my confidence passing made me feel beilliant a huge sigh of relief once i finished. Thank you for all of your help.

  13. Rachel Truelove

    I passed my test with Darren this week and he has been a fantastic instructor. I was incredibly nervous to drive and he was always very patient and understanding. I really enjoyed learning to drive with him, he was always very chatty and created a relaxed environment, I would recommend him to anyone!
    Thank you again Darren!

  14. Steven Collis

    like to say a massive thank you to Darren Hearn for having trained me up for a super fast pass. Went over every problem until perfection. His understanding for the road and years of experiences really show. May thanks again Darren

  15. Po

    Hi Darren,

    How have you been? Sorry I have been very late to do the testimonial to you, because I came back to Taiwan for Lunar’s New Year, now I have come back the U.K again.

    I have to appreciate you to help me get the licence before last Christmas, it was my Christmas present, you were so passionate to me then, you did’t do me impatient even if my English speaking and listening is awful.

    You taught me how to get my full driving licence in the U.K step by step, do me encourage all of time, you are a professional tutor who is focus on defensive driving and drive polite, for me, you are the best, you are the champion.

    Say hello for me to your nice cute girl and your wife, wishing you are all the best and have a prosperous New Year.


  16. Jago Menadue

    Darren was more of a mate than a teacher. So easy to talk to and great to drive with. He is a very patient man who doesn’t get angry when you make a mistake. I enjoyed every minute of learning with him. I wish him all the best in the future and have recommended him to my friends. Thanks Darren

  17. Vern

    ‘Zoe is a fantastic instructor. She’s got an excellent teaching style combined with a friendly personality that puts you at ease. She’s been very flexible with arranging lessons too, which has proved very handy. I’d definitely recommend Zoe to anyone looking for lessons’.

  18. Eder Paiva

    Fantastic experience!!!

    I contacted Darren and he was very polite and friendly, I had a tight schedule but he managed to work around my availability. I passed my test first time and I believe this was down to Darren’s excellent teaching skills. Darren was very patient, understanding and motivational. He never lost patience when I made mistakes and he was always very calm.
    He picked me up from work and droped me back at home at the end of the lessons.
    He was very sincere and told me that I was ready instead of trying to sell me more lessons like most intructors do.
    I had a great time throughout the lessons and I would recommend Darren to anyone!

    Thank you once again.

    Best wishes!


  19. Ixl Duffy-Schoop

    Darren helped me to pass first time.
    With just under recommended hours I was ready to take my test, he’s a really easy going guy with a lot of patience and overall a great teacher! Definitely recommend.

  20. Steve Blackwell

    As someone over 40 who has never been required to drive before, learning to do so and pass my test in a relatively short timeframe was something completely alien to me and quite scary.

    Darren made me feel at ease behind the wheel, was patient, encouraging and gave me the confidence I needed. His belief in my abilities and his helpful prompts at the right time made a difference. We got on well together.

    Thanks, mate, you’re a star. I couldn’t recommend you highly enough!

  21. Wania

    Zoe made me feel comfortable and at ease from the beginning. With calm and clear instructions I was encouraged to feel confident and this helped me to trust myself and feel like an independent driver without having to wait for instructions. On top of all this her lessons were good fun and I am now a proud owner of a driving license!

  22. Tom

    Big thank you to Darren who helped me to pass my test with 2 minors. Very encouraging and great teaching


  23. Anna

    I started learning with Richie, who unfortunately no longer teaches. He got me up to a good standard but unfortunately I failed my first test due to my nerves. Richie recommended Darren to me and he was able to fit me in for ten hours of lessons to prepare me for my second attempt. Darren put me at ease from the very first lesson and his patience and constructive criticism helped me to build my confidence. Going into the second test, I felt calm and prepared and subsequently passed. I am so grateful to both Richie and Darren for all their help and would recommend both of them to anyone, at any stage of driving.

  24. Siobhan

    Darren is an excellent driving teacher and I always felt calm, reassured and confident when driving with him. He is a lovely guy and I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking driving lessons. Thanks so much.

  25. Elle

    I was taught by Guy, I had been trying to learn to drive for a few years but this was the first time I managed to stick with an instructor for more than 3 lessons! We went on lots of long drives to help build my confidence in an unknown area. I passed 2nd time round and pleased with my results.

  26. Stacey

    I’ve just passed my driving test on my second attempt after having lessons with the amazing Darren.
    I never thought I would ever drive, to be honest it scared the hell out of me! but after having three young children I decided I really needed to drive.
    So at the grand old age of 34 I bit the bullet and contacted Darren,
    I was a very nervous driver, but Darren helped me overcome my extreme fear of driving, he believed in me and put me at ease, with his professional friendly manner and we always had a laugh which really helped ease the nerves!
    I cannot recommended Darren enough he is an amazing driving instructor.

  27. Elliott Le-Warde

    I started driving with Zoe who I knew already, so we got on really well, she was excellent at keeping me calm and confident on the road, she is able to have a good laugh whilst also being professional in her approach to teaching. Unfortunately Zoe couldn’t continue teaching me because of her business timetable, however she quickly put me in touch with Darren Hearn. Originally I was nervous about getting into the car with someone who I hadn’t met and hadn’t seen me drive but Darren is a genuinely nice guy, who likes a laugh and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. He was excellent at spotting areas of improvement and how they can be improved, allowing me to become a confident driver, I would highly recommend both Zoe and Darren both are great teachers and mates.

  28. Edwin Ray

    After 15 years of not getting behind a wheel (after a few failed tests at 17/18) I was looking for someone to bring me up to scratch and give me the confidence to get back on the road and get that Full driving license. Darren was the perfect teacher for me. He was calm, encouraging and felt he filled me in very quickly with everything I may have forgotten over the years! We had a couple of brilliant lessons covering everything and I managed to get a test pretty quickly, passing with only 1 minor fault! Darren is a brilliant teacher and a great guy! I highly recommend!

  29. Theo

    Only had a couple of lessons with Darren, but I truly think his intelligent fine-tuning made all the difference on my test day. He has got the perfect balance between challenging you, and giving you confidence with what you already know. I failed my first test years ago, and was probably a little traumatised, having not really clicked with a number of instructors. I wish I had met Darren back then as his teaching and friendly approach is on another level.

  30. Fionnuala

    I have just recently passed my driving test after being tutored by the very patient Darren. I am so grateful for his persistence and calm and friendly nature. He helped change my attitude towards driving ( which I really hadn’t enjoyed in the past). Lessons were relaxed and supportive. I would definitely recommend Darren as a teacher who makes learning to drive a pleasurable experience.

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