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  1. Martin Knight

    Rob McClelland instructional skills not only gave me the knowledge but also the confidence for me to pass the test as well as also giving me invaluable experience to for a safe driving life ahead after passing, his slightly unorthodox method really got through and has stuck in my mind whenever I get behind the wheel. I would recommend his services to anyone who is thinking of taking their driving test.
    Martin Knight
    19 hours tutition ~ Passed first time.
    P.s. If you do use him make sure you control the heaters in the car as he likes to sit in molten heat!

  2. Patrick Holt

    Having previously failed my driving test four times, I was understandably apprehensive about having another go at it. From the very beginning of the assessment to see how many hours of tuition I’d need it was clear that Robert was a very different kind of driving instructor to what I’d had before. His emphasis on getting rid of my negative attitude towards driving and constantly seeking to make it feel natural and instinctive rather than forced and necessary was absolutely what I needed. On top of that, he was also a lot of fun to have lessons with and was not one bit like the boring, overly official driving instructors I tried before him. After a semi-intensive course of twenty hours spread over a couple of weeks I ended up passing my test with only three minors (one of which I will contest to my grave), something that I can honestly not imagine happening were it not for Robert’s help. Most importantly, though, is not the fact that I’ve (finally!) passed my test but the fact that I now enjoy driving and want to do it whenever possible, a far cry from a month ago when I resented it! I would strongly recommend Robert to anyone looking to learn to drive, be it complete beginners or people who have tried before only to have had a bad experience.
    Patrick Holt

  3. Alison

    Robert has a friendly manner that helped make me feel at ease. He made sure I understood safety was a priority. He was very patient and was able to explain the mechanics of driving in a way I could understand. When I was confronted with concepts that were harder for me to grasp, he simply persisted until I did, without losing patience and without pushing me beyond what I could handle. He was also reliable, never cancelling a lesson without good reason.

    I was impressed that he was able to give me lessons, despite my living outside of Brighton. He also met me from my new place of work. During the summer rush, the only test I could get was in Tunbridge Wells. However, Robert was prepared for me to sit the test there and for me to drive there to practice, and also printed out the test routes.

    He assessed my driving skills in a way that I think was fair. As the lessons progressed, he helped me attempt more challenging driving conditions, including fog, busy traffic, dual carriageways and busy built-up areas as well as country driving. I’m sure that it was this thoroughness that helped me to pass the test when I did attempt it, with just seven minors!

    I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a driving instructor.

  4. Harriet

    Rob is the second driving instructor I have had and he is brilliant! He boosted my confidence and helped me believe in my driving abilities. He’s really friendly and helps you to relax as you drive, but also makes you feel safe if you get into a pickle! I passed my test and want to say a huge thank you to Rob! I really enjoyed my lessons and can’t wait until I do my Pass Plus!

  5. Sohail - Laptop Doctor

    Passed my test a few months ago after having a few lessons with Katrina..

    She was v flexible and worked around my schedule (that says a lot)..
    Very calm, relaxed and didn’t get annoyed when I asked her to explain the same thing three or four times 🙂

    Would recommend her any day.. She’s fantastic.

    .. And she has a gorgeous smile 🙂

  6. Charlie

    I learnt to drive with Richie and it was a pleasure. With out his positivity and support I would of given up. Richie was a great teacher with being professional he was also laid back and where able to have fun at the same time, he was also very supportive and patience. Anyone who hasn’t got much confidence RIchie is your man, it was a pleasure to be tought by him and skerry miss having lessons with him. Thank you

  7. Jaideep

    I am an experienced driver with an international drivers licence, and needed to get a full UK driver’s licence. Even though I am very comfortable driving, I decided to take a few lessons from Richie. Now that I have passed my test, it is clear to me that it was absolutely essential for me to take the lessons. Even as an experienced driver, there are so many bad habits which get picked up. Richie’s was quick to identify the errors I was making, his lessons were to the point, and he corrected all of my driving errors. I found his lessons to be extremely instructive and they were essential in bringing my driving up to the standard. I would highly recommend this service, particularly to other drivers in my situation.

  8. Dermot Donaghy

    I was lucky enough to have Richie as my driving instructor. Learning to drive was something that I had always put off in the past but Richie changed it into something I actually enjoy now. He has a really good approach to teaching and is very professional. Lessons were both thorough and supportive. He gave me the knowledge and confidence on the road I needed to be a good driver. I passed my practical test on monday 1st time and genuinely couldn’t have done it without his guidance. I would highly recommnd him to anyone who is learning to drive. Thanks Richie. Looking forward to starting the pass plus course as soon as I get my license back 🙂

  9. jack arch

    Richard was a really good teacher and would say to any one wanting to learn to drive that he is your man. Our driving lessons where great fun on a Saturday morning. If your looking for a driving school to learn to drive with I’d recommend Brighton Driving Lessons .co.uk Thanks little richie.

  10. Matt Buffey

    Tom is a great instructor,I had my first ever lesson in June and passed both the theory and practical first time by October. He is really good at explaining how to do things in a clear and helpful way,and to top it all off it was awesomely fun too. I’m actually a little bit sad that I passed! I’d happily recommend Brighton Driving Lessons to anyone and everyone that asked.

  11. Nick White

    I had Tom as my instructor for just under a year & i have to say this guy is wicked. Keeps you calm & patient which helps you to easily make desicions & choices.

    Passed first time on both my theory & my practical due to his expertise & would/do highly reccomend his driving school to everyone.

    Well done Tom, good luck with the business.

  12. Jon

    I was lucky enough to have both Kat and Tom during my lessons and I’m afraid I cant choose between them!! Both of these guys are awesome and I would recommend Brighton Driving Lessons to anyone and everyone. They were patient and always have constructive with their comments rather than putting you down. Thanks so much guys!!

  13. Phoebe

    I first started driving lessons with BSM, after a couple of months i realised that the instructor was awful very unhelpful impatient and stroppy. A friend recommended Tom and i remember being really nervous about changing instructors, but Toms calm, clear helpful approach made me feel instantly at ease. Not only is he a brilliant driving instructor he is also a really great fun outgoing guy. The lessons were fun and even when i got really stressed out Tom was able to explain it in a different way which made it a lot clearer. I would highly recommend to learn to drive with Brighton Driving Lessons.

  14. Rodger

    I lost my driving license after 35 years of driving and had to resit both theory and practical tests.
    I booked a lesson with Kat and after the first lesson knew that with her help I would pass my test again, the biggest problem was getting out of all the old habits that accumulate after so long a time, but kat was extremley patient and helpful and told me she had complete confidence in me passing, (more that I had myself).
    And I passed.
    Thank you very much Kat, I would have absoloutley every confidence in recomending you to anyone I knew who was looking for lessons no matter how old or young the were.

  15. Darryl-Jo

    I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t enjoy driving lessons with Tom! He’s a funny and friendly guy, who’s laid back approach made me feel at ease from day one. I think that I was quite a slow learner, but Tom was great at recognising those areas that I was struggling with, and demonstrating admirable patience as we worked on them until I got them right! He would also use innovative ways to help me overcome mistakes that I was making, which I still use now on a day to day basis.
    I passed on my second attempt, and thanks to Tom this was just in time for my new job in Chichester, which I drive to every day feeling calm and confident on the road.
    I would highly recommend ‘Brighton Driving Lessons’ to anyone, but particularly to those who feel apprehensive about getting behind the wheel- this is definitely the guy for you!

  16. Nick

    Tom is an amazing driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone, his calm and constructive approach helped me build my confidence on the road whilst becoming a better driver, and as a particularly nervous driver at first, his patience in me paid off as I recently passed my test. He clearly tries to develop your driving ability not just for the test, but after you’ve passed too, and to top it off he’s an absolutely wicked guy who you could talk to for hours on end. Cheers man!

  17. Luke Allen

    kat has been a great teacher, i would recommened kat to anyone who is starting to learn to drive. she was really freindly and strait away i felt very comfitable. passed first time with onley three minors within three mounths, thanks kat.

  18. jelly

    Richie is a fantastic instructor!

    I’ve just passed my driving test first time (with just four minors) with Richie, with less than six weeks of lessons. He is an absolutely brilliant instructor – I am already missing our lessons together.

    I’m someone who is very fussy about choosing the right person for something like this. I had about 10 hours of lessons last year with a different instructor who was nowhere near as good as Richie. So, I was very picky about who I chose this time round, and after a lot of research, I’m very pleased to say I made totally the right choice with Brighton Driving Lessons & Richie Downes.

    Richie is completely professional but at the same time laid-back, relaxing, and just fun to learn from. He makes you feel comfortable and gives you the confidence and self-esteem needed on the roads. Richie isn’t one of these instructors who sits there talking/showing you how to drive – in fact, the only time I was driven by Richie was on the way home from passing my test! Instead, Richie just lets you have a go, and is totally supportive in helping you become a great driver.

    I’ve been trying to get everyone I know who doesn’t drive to have lessons with Richie as I know how much they will love him!

    Thanks Richie, I couldn’t have done it without you 🙂

  19. Sarah

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to you Kat for helping me to finally pass my test after 5 attempts!!! Unlike my previous instructors you really worked with me to build my confidence and you understood that sometimes I needed to know how to do something wrong before I could do it right!! I also really valued how you managed to balance perfectly a friendliness that put me at ease and a professionalism which prepared me for test conditions. I feel that you are incredibly concientious and work extremely hard to be the best you can for all your pupils and I know I’m not alone in feeling very grateful for that. Thank you again – you are great!!! Xxx

  20. Liz

    Kat has been a fantastic instructor and I know I wouldn’t have passed without her! She was so calm and patient with me, especially as i’m so scatty!! I feel so confident driving around Brighton now.
    Thank you so so much Kat – i’m going to miss our chats.
    I’m going to tell my friends to learn with you!

  21. Andy Webb

    Tom is an amazing driving instructor, as his extremely high success rate proves.
    I really enjoyed my lessons with him and he made me feel at ease behind the wheel with his fun, relaxed and down to earth approach.
    If I had trouble with a particular manoeuvre or technique, he would take the time to practice it with me patiently, until i got it right.
    His practical knowledge is second to none, and he really knows how to relate driving theory to everyday situations on the road.
    He knew exactly what i needed to do to pass my test…and I did…First time! I cannot recommend Tom and Brighton Driving Lessons highly enough!

  22. Helen

    Tom’s professional yet laid back teaching style gave me the confidence and skills to pass my test first time at Burgess Hill test centre. I would absolutely recommend Brighton Driving Lessons to any new driver. Tom and his team of instructors provide a great, value for money service. Thanks again.

  23. Kat

    Best driving instructor ever!! I passed my test with three minors last week and have Tom to thank for this.

    He was so patient with me and my irritating little habits. I cannot thank him enough for his calmness.

    He is such a nice guy, I will miss our car chats.

    I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Thank you again Tom!!!

  24. Greg Horsfall

    Learning to drive with Kat was great, she’d teach you at your own pace and help to push and motivate you too. I think the fact that she acted as a friend as well as an instructor really helped me to relax and learn how to drive without worrying unnecessarily, and even after passing my driving test doing Pass Plus with her I became much more relaxed about day to day driving.

    10 out of 10.

  25. Charlotte

    I passed my driving test 9 years ago but hadn’t really driven since. Now that I have a job where a car is a necessity, I needed to take some refresher driving lessons to get me back on the road. I chose Tom out of all the other instructors in Brighton because he had such great testimonials on this site- and they are all completely correct. Tom is a brilliant instructor- calm, patient and explains things in a very clear manner. After three lessons with him, I feel so much more confident about driving and have been enjoying driving in my car on my own. I would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who wants to take driving lessons in the Brighton area. Thank you, Tom!

  26. Andy

    Having failed my driving test when I was younger, I had been putting off learning to drive for a number of years, and was lacking in confidence when I first met Tom. However Tom is a fantastic driving instructor that instantly put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed to become a competent driver. It only took a relatively small number of driving lessons around Brighton, Hove and Burgess Hill before I was ready to take my test and thanks to Tom’s instruction I passed straight away. Beyond driving instruction Tom is a great guy who I found I had an instant rapport with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

  27. Jessica Beach

    I passed first time and richard is such a great guy and I learnt so much more with him then I did any other instructor. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a cool, patient teacher.

  28. Amira Crane

    Thank you so much Richie, im so pleased i passed my test at long last. I never felt confident driving with my previous instructors, but you made me feel relaxed and comfortable in the drivers seat. You helped me pass my test the first time (with you anyway). Im finally able to get about, and i think it would have taken me a lot longer without your help! Thank you Amira

  29. Nick

    I’m really glad I found Tom. I wanted to have lessons with an independent instructor rather than one of the faceless chain companies and, for my money, Tom is the best Driving Instructor in Brighton. Moving here from the States, I was in the frustrating position of being treated as a new driver even though I’ve been driving for most of my life. In only a handful of sessions, Tom taught me what I needed to know not only to pass my test but also to drive safely and confidently in the UK. He made the process as painless as possible by realistically setting my expectations, identifying and focusing on my bad habits, and being super accommodating with his time and vehicle. Call him today! I still owe him a beer!

  30. Robin

    Having had an unsatisfactory experience with a previous instructor, and then not driven for a couple of years, I was slightly nervous going back into driving. I shouldn’t have worried, however – Tom was calm and professional, and immediately put me at ease; I quickly got back up to speed, and my confidence increased with every lesson. Having previously been quite nervous, it was nice to really start enjoying driving again! Tom’s patience and honesty make him an exceptional instructor, and I am sure that now I have passed the good habits he instilled in me will remain. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Tom!

  31. Stanley Johnson

    A great instructor. I found his his teaching style really helpful and engaging and I passed my test without much trouble. Tom was patient and understanding, but he didn’t let me get away with lazy driving either! His explanations and demonstrations are clear and easy to understand which helped improve my overall driving and the skills neccesary to pass the test. I got a lot of experience driving around Brighton and Burgess Hill (where the test centre is). As well as being a wicked independent driving instructor, Tom is also a top bloke. I really enjoyed my driving lessons and always looked forward to them. I’d definitely recommend learning to drive with Tom Scrace.

  32. Nic

    Tom’s approach of teaching is great he makes you feel relaxed and confident whilst driving. He has a way of making you enjoy driving lessons, and confident at passing your test. I only had 20hrs and passed with 3 minors. The best Brighton driving instructor out there! Thanks so much tom, could not have done it with out you.

  33. Davina

    I had put off learning to drive for years as I didn’t really trust myself to be in control of a car! Tom was really good at making me feel comfortable very quickly. He is a great teacher who manages to be relaxed and patient which put me at ease. I am very pleased to say I just passed first time with 3 minors. I have Tom to thank for this result and would recommend him to anyone I who is wanting to learn to drive. I feel like he taught me to drive rather than to just pass the test which has made me feel more confident about being let loose on the roads! I think I may well miss my lessons and the random chats!

  34. Deverious

    I had my license taken away from me due to having too many points, so I had to take both my theory and practical test again. The testing system has changed so much since I initially passed in 2006, so I was quite nervous about doing the practical again. Especially as I had so many bad habits due to being very comfortable with driving. I booked a two hour lesson with Tom on a Friday and my test was on the following Monday. As soon as I met Tom, I instantly felt relaxed and comfortable. He quickly pointed out my faults and we worked on fixing them. He even had methods of making me remember things such as “Preparation, Observation & Manouvere”. I highly recommend Tom, he’s a great teacher…..I passed after all! Thanks Tom!

  35. Becky

    Before university I began taking driving lessons and got through two instructors, both of which I didn’t get on with at all. I really dreaded my lessons, I was incredibly nervous and convinced myself I was an awful driver.

    After University I decided it was time to bite the bullet and give it another go. During my first lesson with Tom I was shocked to find I instantly felt much more relaxed and confident whilst driving. Tom’s approach is structured to the student’s needs, he is very patient and doesn’t over react when you make a mistake (like my other instructors insisted on doing!). I was amazed to find I actually enjoyed my driving lessons as opposed to dreading them; driving in the car with Tom was like taking driving lessons with a friend. Tom completely changed my attitude to driving, so much so that I passed my test first time and now I can’t wait to get a car!

    I completely recommend Tom for driving lessons, and am really thankful for all his help, patience and great conversation!

    Cheers Tom!

  36. Lucy Mawson

    I’ve been having driving lessons on and off for seven years with various instructors and I can safely say that Tom is the best instructor I’ve had. He has an ability to recognise strengths and weaknesses, and banish any bad habits! Driving lessons with him were relaxed and easy going but I also learnt fast due to the fact that he explained things in a way that was easy to understand. And to top it off I passed with absolutely no minors which shows what an amazing instructor he is! I would COMPLETELY recommend Tom to anyone looking for a driving instructor in Brighton! 🙂

  37. Daniel Bladon

    Although I left a comment, I just want to thank Tom for the pass plus course. I had really good fun and once again I felt relaxed with him sitting beside me. I don’t think I would have succeeded this well with a different instructor. I hope to see Tom some time in the future. A top instructor and a top friend. 🙂

  38. Richard

    I had a number of driving instructors in Brighton before I found Tom. Other instructors often teach in a very mechanical way which may get people through their test but is of little help in the big wide world. Tom teaches in a relaxed and practical way, he knows how to get you through your test but also give you useful tips for the long term. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

  39. Daniel Bladon

    Tom is a great driving instructor, he is calm, patient and down to earth. I passed my driving test first time. We did our driving lessons around Lewes, Brighton and mostly Burgess hill, where my test was going to be held. I felt relaxed while taking the lessons and I am very pleased that I had Tom as my instructor. I will recommend Tom to my friends and to others who wish to learn to drive.

  40. Simon Robb

    Tom is a very focused and encouraging driving instructor. He frequently took me around the test routes in Burgess Hill as well as the rest of Brighton, so I was familiarised with the roads before my test. He went through all the maneuvers with me until I had them down to a tee. The two hours lessons were essential, if it were only one I don’t think I would have perfected my driving within the same amount of time. I ultimately passed first time with only three miners – really chuffed. Thanks Tom.

  41. Rob

    Tom’s a great instructor, relaxing, patient and thorough. I passed first time after a suprisingly small amount of lessons.
    thanks again.

  42. Phil Steere

    I learnt with Tom and passed my test this week! What more is there to say?! I flew along at a pace I thought impossible and only have good things to say about him. His teaching style is laid back, well structured and assuring. Do not hesitate to book this man for your lessons!‎

  43. adam wilkinson

    Tom is a very good instructor who has a good attitude with new drivers, he teaches you to drive for real life situations and not just for preperation a test. his relaxed driving style helps you to feel safe and comfortable learning with him as he deals with all situations in a relaxed and calm way. he teaches you around your local area but also took me to places like brighton on our driving lessons to get an understanding of driving in busier towns and cities. he is a really good instructor and actslike a friend, i would recommend him to anyone.

  44. Kendal

    I took my driving test twice when I was 17 and had no luck in passing, I went to uni and took it up again 6 years later with Tom. He was extremely patient and laid back and also did some basic driving experience such as driving round a multi storey and other helpful things for when I passed. I passed in May this year first time with 2 minors! I was very happy and it was all down to Tom’s approach of teaching. I would highly recommend him!

  45. James

    Good lad, top instructor. Passed within 2 months of having lessons with Tom.

  46. Rosie

    tom is a patient and effective teacher and always manages to stay calm even if the learners freaking out, i would recommend tom to anyone.

  47. Anikka

    Thanks so much for helping me pass my test! I’d been having lessons on and off for about 15 years and hated driving, but with Tom it was less of a chore and so much more relaxed and enjoyable and this time I stuck at it and took my test (and passed!). I can honestly say (seeing as I’ve experienced other instructors over the years in all parts of the country!) that Tom really is a brilliant instructor – really patient and relaxed and explains things so you really understand and remember.

  48. Rachel Cutress

    Tom is an absolutley brillaint driving instructor! Not only is he really friendly but his patience, experience and knowledge makes you feel compeltely comfertable and at ease when driving with him. Tom is really thorough and will continue to help untill you feel confident with every aspect of driving. Not only is he a great teacher but i really had fun learning to drive with him. I passed first time contributing to his excellent pass rate, thankyou very much!!!

  49. Michael Whitehead

    Tom Scrace is an outstanding driving instuctor. His teaching methods are highly original and, from my own experience, has a gift for recognising and eliminating learners’ weaknesses. I’d definitely recommend Tom to anyone looking to learn in/around Brighton. Also, 2 hour driving lessons are defintely the way forward because when it comes to the test you’ll feel really relaxed!

  50. Jamie Ross-Hulme

    Tom was a great instructor, I took my pass plus with him and his instruction was clear and easy to understand. I really wish I had Tom from the beginning, my whole driving experience would have been greatly improved!

  51. Melodie Hornett

    I had the privilege of being taught by Tom who took me on as a self-taught driver with bad habits and changed me into a competent driver. This is due to Tom’s excellent step by step (simple to understand) methods of teaching. Whether it’s with general driving or with maneuvers, coupled with his patience and sense of humor he makes you feel very comfortable when in the driving seat. In addition, when he feels you’re not pulling your weight, he makes sure you know that, which I feel is essential to help you improve and also to guard against complacency, which as a result leads to accidents on the road. I can’t recommend Tom highly enough, and it’s no fluke that he has such a high pass rate, as what he has taught me, will make me not only a good driver on the road, but also a good defensive driver for years to come.

  52. Lara Kiziltuna, Elle Hill and Stephen Platt

    We’ve already commented before but just wanted to add that within less than a month we’ve all passed thanks to Tom, and one of us only had a few lessons!! TOM SCRACE IS A LEGEND!! Thanks!

  53. Chris Sobczynski

    I’ve only had my first lesson with Tom Scrace but i was very pleased with how it went. As soon as i stepped into the car he was very friendly and made me feel at ease. Once i sat behind the wheel his instructions were very clear and helpful. He proficiently answered all the questions that arose during the course of the lesson and i am very much looking forward to completing my course of lessons with him.

  54. Lara Kiziltuna

    Tom Scrace….an absolutely amazing driving instructor!! Definitely the best! He makes his lessons enjoyable with his sense of humour, helps you work through things that you get wrong repeatedly without you wanting to give up, and has great value for money with his free first/last driving lessons. I can honestly say I’ve recommended him to all my friends and family and will genuinely miss him when I pass my test!! Thanks Tom!! 😀

  55. Sophie Baldwin

    I would 100% reccomend Tom. I contacted many driving schools and not only was Tom polite and friendly he was also the cheapest. I started driving in August 2009 and by the begining of December 2009 I passed my practical driving test with NO MINORS!! There are only 7 people on average who do this per year. I believe this was entirely down to Tom’s excellent teaching style. Tom was patient, understanding, motivational, enthusiastic and was great fun. Tom treated me more like a friend than a pupil and I really appreciated this as it helped me to learn quicker. He never lost patience when I made mistakes and always talked me through them, so I understood where I had gone wrong and prevented me from making this mistake again. Once I passed my test I had that much confidence in Tom that I went on to take my Pass Plus with him. I felt very confident on the motorways with Tom beside me. I WOULD NOT HESITATE IN RECCOMENDING TOM TO ANYONE! Nowhere else will you get such a great price for such a great instructor! Thanks Tom!

  56. Ellen Taylor

    Of the five driving instructors I have had, Tom has been my favorite by far. Very patient and he actually taught me how to drive rather than giving me a set of instructions to memorise. I would highly recommend him and wish he had been my instructor from the start- I would have saved a lot of time and money!

  57. Nadine

    Tom Is Fab, Had Him Teach Me From The Start. He Always Manages To Stay Relaxed Whatever The Circumstances & Allows You To Talk Away When Your Nervous Too. His Lessons Are Always Awesome & He’s Patient & Understanding, I’d Recommend Him To Anyone Thats Interested In Learning To Drive 🙂

  58. Henry Barden

    I was very excited about learning to drive, and I still am loving it!! I passed first time after just 26 hours behind the wheel; this was great for me, as I had to fund my own lessons. Tom is a great driving instructor who gave me confidence in driving through a very professional but relaxed style of teaching that I thoroughly enjoyed. Tom is also a quality guy, he always found ways to make the lessons fun which really helped me to enjoy driving and stopped me feeling too nervous. It was great to be learning with someone closer to my age who I could chat to about my interests. I loved learning with him and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to start learning to drive.

  59. Elle Hill

    Tom is a lovely guy and is an extremely good teacher. I have had various teachers now but have never found one as good as him. Definately give him a 10 out of 10!!!!!

  60. Kaz Harwood

    Tom’s approach is a bit different to most instructors in that he is like a good mate who you can trust whilst learning to drive. Tom is dead patient and chilled out but he doesn’t mess about! I have had a few driving teachers in my time and would say Tom is about ‘less textbook talk’ and actually getting you to learn your own ways around the car so you are far better off in the long run. For a local independent guy he is doing a grand job and I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive

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