For those of you out there taking driving lessons and are thinking about booking your driving test, here is a handy guide to the level and skills you need achieve to pass your driving test and continue to be safe on the roads after passing your driving test.

Assessment levels

There are 46 driving skills, level 5 should be achieved on each before taking your driving test.
Your driving instructor will introduce you to each skill when time is appropriate. There is no set order.

1: Skill introduced
2: Skill carried out under full instruction
3: Skill carried out when prompted
4: Skill carried out with minimal prompts
5: Skill carried out without prompts


1: The cockpit drill
2: Use of car controls and instruments
3: Controlling the clutch
4: Moving off safely
5: Moving off at an angle
6: Moving off uphill
7: Moving off downhill
8: Changing gear
9: Steering
10: Stopping normally
11: Controlled Stop (emergency)
12: Using the mirrors effectively
13: Giving signals
14: Acting on signs and signals
15: Turning left
16: Emerging left
17: Turning right
18: Emerging right
19: Approaching crossroads
20: Roundabouts
21: Complex junctions
22: Pedestrian crossings
23: Level crossings
24: Keeping space either side
25: Following traffic
26: Keeping pace with traffic
27: Meeting traffic
28: Crossing traffic
29: Overtaking
30: Awareness and planning – towns
31: Awareness and planning – country roads
32: Lane discipline and positioning
33: One-way systems
34: Dual carriageways
35: Eco-safe driving
36: Night driving
37: Bad weather
38: Commentary driving
39: Reversing in a straight line
40: Sharp left reverse
41: Sweeping left reverse
42: Reverse to the right
43: Turn in the road
44: Reverse park
45: Reverse into a bay
46: Vehicle safety checks