Have you ever discussed the price of driving lessons with a friend and been shocked by how little they’re paying per hour?

If you study cost of driving lessons you might be surprised to realise that all is not what it seems.

I receive phone calls from people all the time telling me “I’ve had over 20 hours of driving and I just don’t feel like I’m making much progress” or “My driving instructor seems to be dragging out my driving lessons”

Paying less per hour doesn’t always mean that your over all cost of learning to drive is going to be cheaper.

Quite often paying less per driving lesson means your driving instructor will drag out the lessons so you’ll pay more over a longer period of time.

First example: In order to pass your test lets say you had 30 hours of driving lessons at £22.50 per hour with a decent experienced instructor. The instructor doesn’t need to charge any less then £22.50 because they have a busy diary and lots of pupil recommendations. In other words they’re not desperate for your business.

30 hours x £22.50 = £675

Second example: Now lets say you passed your test after 40 hours of driving lessons with an instructor that’s dragging out the lessons and charged £18 per hour.

40 hours x £19 = £760

Third example: The instructor offers first few hours at a very cheap rate then hikes up the price and drags out the lessons once the introductory period is over. More often then not a pupil will stay with the instructor because they wouldn’t want the hassle of changing to another driving instructor and car.

First 5 hours = £50
Next 35 hours charged at £25 = £875
Total £925 for 40 hours