Brighton Driving Lessons would like to welcome Rob McClelland to the team.

Check out what Rob’s passed pupils have to say about him…

Rob is the second driving instructor I have had and he is brilliant! He boosted my confidence and helped me believe in my driving abilities. He’s really friendly and helps you to relax as you drive, but also makes you feel safe if you get into a pickle! I passed my test and want to say a huge thank you to Rob! I really enjoyed my lessons and can’t wait until I do my Pass Plus!

Robert has a friendly manner that helped make me feel at ease. He made sure I understood safety was a priority. He was very patient and was able to explain the mechanics of driving in a way I could understand. When I was confronted with concepts that were harder for me to grasp, he simply persisted until I did, without losing patience and without pushing me beyond what I could handle. He was also reliable, never cancelling a lesson without good reason.

I was impressed that he was able to give me lessons, despite my living outside of Brighton. He also met me from my new place of work. During the summer rush, the only test I could get was in Tunbridge Wells. However, Robert was prepared for me to sit the test there and for me to drive there to practice, and also printed out the test routes.

He assessed my driving skills in a way that I think was fair. As the lessons progressed, he helped me attempt more challenging driving conditions, including fog, busy traffic, dual carriageways and busy built-up areas as well as country driving. I’m sure that it was this thoroughness that helped me to pass the test when I did attempt it, with just seven minors!

I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a driving instructor.

Having previously failed my driving test four times, I was understandably apprehensive about having another go at it. From the very beginning of the assessment to see how many hours of tuition I’d need it was clear that Robert was a very different kind of driving instructor to what I’d had before. His emphasis on getting rid of my negative attitude towards driving and constantly seeking to make it feel natural and instinctive rather than forced and necessary was absolutely what I needed. On top of that, he was also a lot of fun to have lessons with and was not one bit like the boring, overly official driving instructors I tried before him. After a semi-intensive course of twenty hours spread over a couple of weeks I ended up passing my test with only three minors (one of which I will contest to my grave), something that I can honestly not imagine happening were it not for Robert’s help. Most importantly, though, is not the fact that I’ve (finally!) passed my test but the fact that I now enjoy driving and want to do it whenever possible, a far cry from a month ago when I resented it! I would strongly recommend Robert to anyone looking to learn to drive, be it complete beginners or people who have tried before only to have had a bad experience.
Patrick Holt